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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Most people spend more time in their office than at their own home.  It is also said that indoor pollutants can be worse because the air does not replaced or cleaned. Having your commercial carpet cleaned can not only help with unsightly spills or traffic areas, but can also make your office healthier to work in.

At OxiGreen we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning. Depending on the amount of traffic, the type of work areas that are next to carpeted areas, and the daily maintenance program, commercial carpet may need to be maintained yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Call us today for a carpet maintenance program.  We will come out and determine what needs to be done immediately to correct any carpet problems present. We will offer suggestions for daily carpet maintenance and what other steps you can take to help with your carpet. We can then set up a maintenance program to fit your budget that will solve your carpet cleaning issues forever.

Protect your health and your investment and call our office today to schedule your free carpet inspection.


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